mangadap.par.obsinput module

Define a parameter instance that holds the input information needed to run the DAP for a specific MaNGA observation.

Class usage examples

To define a set of observation parameteters:

from mangadap.par.obsinput import ObsInputPar
p = ObsInputPar(plate=7443, ifudesign=12701, mode='CUBE', vel=6139,
                vdisp=100, ell=0.3416, pa=150.24, reff=5.70)

Or declare the parameter object by reading an SDSS-style parameter file:

from mangadap.par.obsinput import ObsInputPar p = ObsInputPar.from_par_file(‘mangadap-7443-12701-LOGCUBE.par’)

Revision history

15 Mar 2016: Original implementation by K. Westfall (KBW)
11 May 2016: (KBW) Switch to using pydl.pydlutils.yanny instead of internal yanny reader.
24 Aug 2017: (KBW) Provide new ‘valid’ attributes to signify if the input data was changed to the default value.
11 Nov 2017: (KBW) Change velocity minimum to -500 km/s to match mangadap.survey.drpcomplete.DRPComplete


Copyright © 2019, SDSS-IV/MaNGA Pipeline Group

class mangadap.par.obsinput.ObsInputPar(plate=None, ifudesign=None, mode=None, vel=None, vdisp=None, ell=None, pa=None, reff=None)[source]

Bases: mangadap.par.parset.KeywordParSet

Parameter object that defines the input observation and guess parameters to be used by the DAP.

The defined parameters are:

Key Type Options Default Description
plate int Plate number
ifudesign int IFU designation
mode str CUBE, RSS CUBE DRP 3D mode; see mangadap.drpfits.DRPFits.mode_options().
vel int, float Systemic velocity (km/s)
vdisp int, float 100.0 Guess velocity dispersion (km/s)
ell int, float 0.0 Isophotal ellipticity (\(\varepsilon = 1-b/a\))
pa int, float 0.0 Position angle (degrees) of the isophotal major axis from N through E
reff int, float 1.0 Effective radius (arcsec)

See mangadap.par.parset.ParSet for attributes and raised exceptions.


Set default velocity to 0?


Input velocity dispersion was >0.


Input ellipticiticy was within [0,1].


Input position angle was within [0,360).


Input effective radius was >0.


Check that the values in the parameter list adhere to some hard-coded limits.

  • Velocity (\(cz\)) and velocity dispersion have to be greater than -500.
  • Ellipticity has to be \(0 \leq \varepsilon < 1\)
  • Position angle has to be \(0 \leq \phi < 360\)
  • Effective radius has to be greater than zero.
Raises:ValueError – Raised if velocity (\(cz\)) is less than zero.
classmethod from_par_file(f)[source]

Read the observation parameters from the provided yanny file.


f (str) – Name of the file to read


Derived instance of mangadap.par.ParSet with the input observational parameters of the DRP data product to analyze with the DAP.

Return type:


  • FileNotFoundError – Raised if the provided file does not exist.
  • ValueError – Raised if the input yanny file has more than one entry of DAPPAR.
  • KeyError – Raised if selected keys are not in provided file.