The MaNGA Data Analysis Pipeline

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The MaNGA data-analysis pipeline (MaNGA DAP) is the survey-led software package that has analyzed all galaxy data produced by the MaNGA data-reduction pipeline (MaNGA DRP). Its goal is to produce high-level, science-ready data products derived from MaNGA spectra. The products currently provided are:

  • Spatially stacked spectra

  • Stellar kinematics

  • Nebular emission-line properties: fluxes, equivalent widths, and kinematics

  • Spectral indices: absorption-line (e.g., H-delta) and bandhead/color (e.g., TiO, D4000) measurements

That is, the DAP currently focuses on “model-independent” properties. Higher-level, model-dependent properties, such as stellar-population parameters, are outside of the scope of the current pipeline.


This documentation is for the most recent stable release of the DAP. Use the readthedocs selection menu at the lower-left of your web browser to select previous version relevant to specific SDSS data releases:

  • SDSS-IV/MaNGA DR15 is based on version 2.2.1

  • SDSS-IV/MaNGA DR17 is based on version 3.1.2. Note that the version of the code that produced the DR17 was version 3.1.0; version 3.1.1 and 3.1.2 only include documentation updates.


If you use the DAP software and/or its output products, please cite the following two papers:

Additionally, if you use SDSS-IV/MaNGA data, please see:

New in version 4.x: We have made the MaNGA DAP much easier to use with non-MaNGA datacubes. These changes are reflected throughout our documentation, but specifically see How to Fit a non-MaNGA Datacube.

The MaNGA DAP software was written to be more broadly useful. The pages above provide some examples of how the code can be used more generally, beyond its application to MaNGA.