The MaNGA Data Analysis Pipeline

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The MaNGA data-analysis pipeline (MaNGA DAP) is the survey-led software package that analyzes the data produced by the MaNGA data-reduction pipeline (MaNGA DRP) to produced physical properties derived from the MaNGA spectroscopy.

These quantities currently include:

  • Spatially stacked spectra
  • Stellar kinematics
  • Nebular emission-line properties: fluxes, equivalent widths, and kinematics
  • Spectral indices: absorption-line (e.g., H-delta) and bandhead/color (e.g., TiO, D4000) measurements

All survey-led properties are derived from the datacubes, specifically the LOGCUBE files. However, the core functions are developed to consider each spectrum largely independently. The DAP currently focuses on “model-independent” properties. Higher-level, model-dependent properties, such as stellar-population parameters, will be included in future releases on a best-effort basis.


This documentation is for the most recent tag of the DAP. If you’re looking for DR15 (DAP version 2.2.1) documentation, see the DR15 MaNGA Overview.