The MaNGA Data Analysis Pipeline

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The MaNGA data-analysis pipeline (MaNGA DAP) is the survey-led software package that analyzes the data produced by the MaNGA data-reduction pipeline (MaNGA DRP) to produced physical properties derived from the MaNGA spectroscopy.

These quantities currently include:

  • Spatially stacked spectra

  • Stellar kinematics

  • Nebular emission-line properties: fluxes, equivalent widths, and kinematics

  • Spectral indices: absorption-line (e.g., H-delta) and bandhead/color (e.g., TiO, D4000) measurements

All survey-led properties are derived from the datacubes, specifically the LOGCUBE files. However, the core functions are developed to consider each spectrum largely independently. The DAP currently focuses on “model-independent” properties. Higher-level, model-dependent properties, such as stellar-population parameters, are outside of the scope of the current pipeline.


This documentation is for the most recent tag of the DAP. If you’re looking for DR15 (DAP version 2.2.1) documentation, see the DR15 MaNGA Overview.