mangadap.survey.manga_dap module

Provides the main wrapper function for the MaNGA DAP.


Copyright © 2019, SDSS-IV/MaNGA Pipeline Group

mangadap.survey.manga_dap.manga_dap(cube, plan, dbg=False, log=None, verbose=0)[source]

Main wrapper function for the MaNGA DAP.

This function is designed to be called once per datacube. The mangadap.config.analysisplan.AnalysisPlan instance sets the types of analyses to perform on this observation. Each analysis plan results in a MAPS and model LOGCUBE file.

The procedure is as follows. For each plan in plan:

Verbose levels (still under development):
  1. Nothing but errors.

  2. Basic status updates. E.g., start and end of each block, minor progress within blocks.

  3. Block-level and sub-function updates.

  4. Same as above, with figures.

  • cube (mangadap.datacube.datacube.DataCube) – Datacube to analyze.

  • plan (mangadap.config.analysisplan.AnalysisPlan) – Object that sets the analysis plans to implement and the output paths for DAP files.

  • dbg (bool, optional) – Flag to run the DAP in debug mode, see above; default is False. Limited use; still under development.

  • log (str, optional) – File name for log output, see above; no log file is produced by default.

  • verbose (int, optional) – Verbosity level, see above; default is 0.


Status flag (under development; currently always 0).

Return type: